Art of Contact | Termine

June 28 - July 7 2024


Contact Improvisation meets Conscious Dance

4 days festival in Vienna.
6 days retreat on the countryside.

EMBODIED DANCE offers you a self-empowering journey through multidisciplinary practises: Contemporary Dance, Conscious Dance,  Contact Improvisation & Authentic Communication.

What to expect

  • inspiring days of movement, embodiment and improvisation practises, enriching your health, your movement skills and your self-embodiment.
  • experienced teachers who share their authentic way what they love.
  • time to relax, connect, enjoy being in a heartful community.
  • empowering, selfconnecting pratices that encourage answers arising from within.
Infos & registration:
or directly through the registration form below (english speaking people send an email!)

About the teachers:

is a professional dancer, performer, teacher of Contact Improvisation and Contemporary dance. Inspirer and founder of the dance theater "TTT of JT" and a part of Ukrainian dance community.

Felicitas is an actress, dance, yoga, pilates and bodylanguage teacher. Felicitas will share her passion for showing up, deep body knowledge and the inspiring multilayed 5 Rhythm practise.

Christian is a pioneer in combining dance, embodiment and authentic communication. He started facilitation groups 2008 and is certified as non-violent communication trainer, yoga teacher, dance pedagoge, visionquest guide, group & conflict facilitator.


Festival: Dance Space, Tools for Improvisation,
From Solo Technique into Flow, Contact Technique

: Art of Impro, Contact Impro, co-leading Nature Dance

Approach: I open doors to research how to be in the body. If my body is my home, I feel selfempowerment in my life. If my body is a piano, how can I play my music?
Knowing my body deeply enables to express myself fully.


Festival: Conscious Dance, Playful Relating, 5 Qualities of Movement, Yoga for dancers

:  Hatha Yoga, 5 Element Dance, Dance Meditation

: Act it out, dance all sides of you, the sensual, the ugly, the unappropriate. Celebrate your aliveness and practise being in your center.


: Dance Space, Self-Connected into Contact, Self-Embodiment into Dance, Authentic Movement

: Contact Impro, co-leading Nature Dance, Authentic Communication, Play-Fight

: Once a safe space is co-created, the whole journey of self exploration is full of pleasure, depth and authenticity.