dancing dualities and everything in between

What are the strongest polarities in contact | dance?
How can we embody our aliveness fully beyond basic contact impro todos (and dont’s)?

if you are interested to join, you have 2 options:

THU, 8.12.: 4-6pm OPEN CLASS + 7.30-9.30 GUIDED CONTACT JAM

FR, 9.12.: 2-6pm HUG & PUSH WORKSHOP
SA, 10.12.: 2-6pm HUG & PUSH WORKSHOP, 7.30-9.30 FINAL CONTACT JAM


OPEN LEVEL- we gonna hug and push all of us! 😉


Vegetarian Lunch between Class/Workshop & Jam available, there are limited sleeping possibilites on the spot!


This workshop focuses on two patterns:

  • embracing/bringing to the body/holding &
  • pushing something away/somebody out/clearing your space.

The combination of these two patterns creates a clear structure of bodies and a strong connection in contact dance, which causes a new dimension to explore.

This time we would like to go beyond only contact improvisation dance technique and bring creative aspect of the dance art. „Push and pull“ workshop combines different movement approaches which all work for the aim to be soft and strong. In Contact Improvisation we like to skip palm touch and most of the time we are afraid of „grabbing“. But… there is a safe technique to use our arms as „hook“, „support“ or even giving your dance an emotional and storytelling quality.

It is a game. Endless game between „hot“ and „cold“, „day“ and „night“, „good“ and „bad“, „love“ and „hate“…

It is a game about duality and everything in between.

During this time Contact Improvisation meeting we will dance and talk about dualities, share our live experience, we will laugh and be very serious in „non-serious“ way.

This workshop is appropriate to all levels. Don’t be afraid to get into it if you are very beginner. Huge technical part will be about using palms, arms and work with touch, which is very important for beginners.

„HUG & PUSH“ workshop is based on previously created performance „LOVE & HATE“ by Tamara Maksymenko „La Loba“.


DANCE HALL in the community AUENWEIDE, built out of wood, straw, clay. 25min away from Vienna

you can easily come by train (trainstation is 5min away from the venue) or share a car ride…
Vegetarian Lunch between Class/Workshop & Jam available, there are limited sleeping possibilites closeby.


DEC 8: OPEN CLASS + JAM: 55€ or sliding range 45-65€
DEC 9-10: HUG & PUSH WS + JAM = 135€ or sliding range 110-160€

ALL DAYS TOGETHER: 180€ or sliding range 140-220€

sliding scale depening on your income & nationality

REGISTRATION and transferring a minimum of 50€ deposit. limited spots available.

ABOUT Tamara Maksymenko (MAIN TEACHER)

Tamara Maksymenko ( is a professional dancer, choreographer and a teacher of contact improvisation and contemporary dance for 17 years already. She has been teaching many workshops all over the world (Poland, Spain, Israel, Austria, Italy, Greece, Finland, Egypt, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Morocco, Bulgary, Sweden, Portugal, France, Turkey). She is the founder of Motion Mode Dance Theatre (MMDT) and the creator of many dance projects.

28 years of dance experience (since the early age of 4). She got medical education in body therapy and sociology at Dnipropetrovsk National University and trained at the Physical Theatre in Intragna (Switzerland) with Thomas Mattler.

Now Tamara is a member of Ukrainian Contemporary Dance Platform Association and she is a member of OFFTANZ Tirol Association (Austria). The founder of „Solo & CI Tirol Festival“ and „West meets East“.


After some years of Capoeira Angola, WingTsun, Yoga and Improvisation Dance, Christian joined 2008 a Contact Jam and fell in love with this artful, acrobatic, soft and gentle, sometimes wild unknown dance and communication form. Since 2015 he teaches Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement in Vienna.

Main research: What is an Authentic Dance? How can we find and develop all our qualities in the dance and therefore in life itself? Cooperative, confrontative, connected, real.

Besides of that he leads and facilitates Non Violenct or Authentic Communication trainings and lives in a community project close to Vienna.